Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top yays since last post

1. Following technical difficulties, my ability to edit all my blogs has been restored.
2. Today I had an awesome free health coaching session by phone with Lorraine Miller of the Gratitude to Bliss Project. She gave me practical suggestions to implement in my life.
3. A local Jewish school held on Friday first Mommy and Me, where we joined the 2-3 year old preschool class fo an hour or so. We played outside on the playground, sang and danced, and had a pre-Shabbat party.
4. Later today I received something in the mail that might help me implement plans discussed earlier with Lorraine.
5. My local in-laws took us to a bike shop on Sunday, where my bike got some adjustments to make riding more comfy for me. We also found, at a giant outdoor activities store, biking shorts that already had a knee-length skirt attached. (I always wear skirts that go at least to my knees for modesty, being an Orthodox Jew.)

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