Sunday, May 6, 2012

Freaking awesome week! :)

First off, apologies- I've been letting this blog languish. But I just have to start it up again. Here are the highlights from this week. 1. On Wednesday, I had the BEST time hanging with my friend Chana visiting from New York!!!!! I must also mention that a miracle happened to me that day having to do with taking a bus. Sorry, no details here as I want to keep it private. Suffice it to say that I had a strong feeling that God really wanted me to meet up with her. Anyway, we had so much fun. We went window shopping and chatted for hours. (I bought a couple things but they were items I'd been wanting to get.) 2. Hubby and I made an AWESOME new friend today!!!!! A bunch of people gathered for the last Shabbat meal. It was really chilled and conducive to meeting new people and talking. We really hit it off. We chatted for a lot of the time, and she said she really likes us!

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