Monday, October 29, 2012

Lots of Thanks to God

Thank you, God. My daughter Rena is alive and very healthy with all her basic needs met easily, daily: food, clothing, and shelter. And since I'm her mommy, thank you as well for providing me all those things so Rena has a healthy mommy to take care of her. Thanks also for providing a good Jewish community for us, including but not limited to: Chabad Torah Tots preschool, Herzlia synagogue, the JCC, and the JCFS. You have definitely sent me many angels to help along the way, especially Rabbi and Rebbetzin Ellis (from the synagogue). Thanks for giving me hugs via a special friend who gives great hugs whenever I see her (often). (And thanks to her too for giving me te gret hugs but I don't know if she'll see this.)

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