Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A great yet simple way to spread yays! :)

Just smile! :) As you pass people, look them straight in the eye and show those teeth! :) It might feel weird, especially if you live in or, like me, recently moved from New York, but if you think about it you know that you appreciate being smiled at. Who knows, maybe someone didn't see a smile all day except yours.

If you're bolder, you could even say hi, good morning, etc. or even give a random stranger a compliment.


  1. Great post Sarah! I so agree with you about how great it is to smile at someone. Who may be the only smile they see all day.

    Kim Hiatt, CNHP, LDHS
    Health Vibrant U

  2. Hey, sorry, I just saw this now as I'm not blogging so much lately. Where did you study? Do you know anything about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?