Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun "Birthday" Party last night! :)

The Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center held a party for its playground's third "birthday." Rena jumped in the fun right away when we arrived, as there were colorful balloons rolling around and bubble-making supplies set up on the blacktop. A great mix of kids' music played in the background, including some birthday songs. At one point, hubby borrowed a basketball and shot hoops at the outdoor basketball court while I hung out with Rena, and after awhile we switched. Rena also kept saying high to two other men who were shooting hoops and borrowing their basketball. A supply of chalk in various colors was on hand. When I first handed Rena a piece of pink chalk, she must have thought it was food because the first thing she did with it was stick it in her mouth! Well, anyway, after that she practiced drawing while some talented kids wrote big, artistic messages saying "We heart (the heart was drawn) Rav-Eck" and "happy birthday." There were also chalk rollers, and by the end of the party, the blacktop was covered in chalk designs and lines made with the rollers! A balloon man was set up in the grass with a long line of eager youngsters waiting for a balloon animal or funky balloon hat. Rena did not wait to get one herself. She just watched the balloon man at work, and as we left the party, we got her a yellow balloon from the blacktop to take home. Wow, that party was probably the best time she's ever had at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center!

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