Sunday, February 19, 2012

My crockpot chicken stew that I made up for Shabbat lunch was freaking awesome! :) I think it might quite possibly be the best meal I've ever eaten! :) (Loose) recipe coming shortly in my Foodiscovery blog.

Rena was playing with her laptop computer toy today (though it was Shabbat). Its voice asked the question, "What's your favorite toy?" She answered, "Dada." I got such a kick out of that. She loves playing with her daddy! :) It asked, "Is there a special place you like to visit?" Rena could not say her answer clearly, but I'm almost positive she said, "Israel." She hasn't actually been there yet, but I talk about it a lot, and for sure she's also learned about it in preschool. :)

I had a beautifully spiritual moment while lying on the couch and looking out the window at a tree. This bare tree is a wonderful example of fractal geometry, and I was admiring it and thinking about the amazingness of God's creations. Then I was thinking that it was a perfect visual example of choices in one's life and all the possible outcomes that could follow from different choices. Then I was thinking about how the tree has roots and how important it is for me to stick to my roots, basically meaning the values that I learned in childhood, especially Judaism. I realized that I can make different choices while still sticking to my roots, and that, though different outcomes will follow depending on my choices, if I stick to my roots I will raise myself up high to the heavens (I.e. becoming what God wants of me) like the branches on the tree. There is no one right path for me but my decisions and outcome will be good as long as I stick to my roots.

Rena napped for hours today so I let her stay up late for havdallah, the short ceremony to mark the end of Shabbat that Rena loves because there's a candle involved. Lately we'd been waiting until Sunday morning so she could go to bed at bedtime on Saturdays before Shabbat is over but still join us for havdallah, but we often forgot to do it at all (and it just doesn't feel the same when it's done on Sunday morning as it does on Saturday night). So, Rena really enjoyed havdallah this week. (We were also considering going to a party tonight but she was too cranky and tired when it got to be past her bedtime. So, I didn't have to take her out in the rain.)

I love my freshly washed laundry! :) I did a load tonight after Shabbat and put lots of peppermint Dr. Bronner's Castile soap in with the detergent. The clothes came out smelling all pepperminty! :)

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