Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The reason I decided to restart this blog today... that Rena and I had an AWESOME time today at Dahl Playfield! :)

The wading pool was in use today, and Rena had tonsa funsa walking around in it. Someone had a beach ball and said she could play with it for a bit. She loves balls of all types.

Later, someone on the grass started playing an instrument that looked like a violin but smaller, and Rena and I became her audience. The player said Rena could touch it, and when I asked what instrument it was, she said it was a ukulele. I told her I wasn't up on my instruments, as I don't play any. She said she never thought she could play an instrument because she thought she wouldn't have the patience, but a friend had a vision of her playing a ukulele and took her to a store that sold them. They're easy to play, she said, and low-cost, as far as instruments go. I was about ready to go buy one myself. Hubby has a guitar but I would have to start with something really easy. He doesn't know how to play it yet, though he does play piano well.

Rena was playing in the playground when she spotted a feather that she wanted. Two slightly older girls had it, but when one of them saw that Rena wanted it, she handed it to Rena, saying, "She can have it; she's our friend." I said, "That's so sweet!"

At the end of an already very fun afternoon, Rena decided to hang out with some soccer players at the end of their practice. They were about to do a cheer for their team, and one of them said Rena was so cute and she could be in the middle of their cheer. They had a lot of soccer balls, and Rena wanted them all!

Rena was all tired out in her stroller on the way home, but it was a good kind of tired, the kind you feel after a full, satisfying day of activity.

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