Friday, August 26, 2011

Rena "Blesses" (Cleans) the Kitchen

Wow, what a great reminder of the importance of having a positive attitude! :) I'm not making Rena clean. Rather, she's crying because she wants more cleaning spray to do more cleaning. She always wants to clean when she sees me cleaning. When I do it in front of her, I emphasize how awesome it is. Sometimes I like to sing and dance while I'm doing it. Even when she's not in the room (when she's sleeping), I find that emphasizing to myself how awesome it is and singing and dancing while I'm doing it really change my own attitude toward cleaning. When Rena does it, too, I heap ginormous praises on her and thank her profusely. I tell her what an awesome job she's doing, even if she misses half the mess, because whatever she does is a heck of a lot better than not doing anything at all and it's important that she's helping and working as part of a team, doing what she can do at her age. She's just 22 months old but she already sees how special and important it is to work to keep your home pleasant and comfortable to live in.

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