Thursday, November 10, 2011

Library Day! :)

Thursdays are Library Day for Rena and me. It was really awesome today:

1. Our friend Rachel and her baby daughter came for Storytime today! :) I chatted with her afterward.

2. I heard one mommy tell a cute story about how her daughter had a vivid dream in which her mommy got her a pet bunny. It took hours for the mommy to convince her daughter that there was no pet bunny.

3. Rena's new "boyfriend": A four-year-old boy named Ike, whom we met later in the Children's section, took a liking to Rena, trying to teach her to say words and even giving her a hug! :)

4. On the way home I got the mail and accidentally left my mailbox key in the mailbox. Kind neighbors took it out and knocked on our door to return it before I even realized it was missing! We were busy at the time so we didn't answer the knock. They came around later, after I'd realized my keys were missing; but this time I ran to answer it and got my keys back! :) I'm so grateful to live in a good, safe neighborhood where such a thing happens and you don't have to worry about someone stealing the key to break into our apartment.

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