Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 18 (from yesterday)

1. On Friday, after grocery shopping for Shabbat, Rena and I had a lovely walk home! :) I enjoyed the warm, sunny weather; spotted some pretty yellow flowers; and heard birds chirping.
2. On Friday night, hubby said I could wait until the morning to finish cleaning the kitchen, as it had of course gotten messy again from Shabbat cooking.
3. I had lots of time before Shabbat was over to both clean and relax due to the recent time change.
4. I loved being able to spend lots of time just playing with Rena without the usual distraction of the computer. ;) (Orthodox Jews do not use computers or other electronic devices on Shabbat.)
5. I finished the book I'd started last Shabbat; see #2 in this post.

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