Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 21

1. When I went to put on my wedding and engagement ring today (I usually keep them on even at night but sometimes I like to take them off to make snuggling with hubby more comfy for both of us), I thought for a moment that my wedding ring was misplaced because at first I saw only my engagement ring. Usually I put them together in the drawer when I take them off. Then I found it in the same drawer; it had apparently been just kind of shoved aside when I was looking for something else in the drawer.
2. Though it was a bit of a challenge with a few items, I was able to find a certified-organic version of everything I needed or wanted at Whole Foods today. I hope that, as more and more consumers choose organic, "conventional" will become unconventional and will be phased out.
3. I got video footage of hubby singing a random, fun song he made up and Rena doing twirly dances! :) I'll hopefully upload it tomorrow.
4. I haven't had to worry about watering our new plants because it's been raining off and on since Sunday when we got them.
5. Though Rena was tired, cranky, and not feeling well most of the day, she perked up and got happy again after her bath this evening.

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