Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss Project, Day 11

I'm having a wonderful weekend so far! :) I'll pick just five highlights from today:

1. I got to sleep in because it was Shabbat! It was 11 by the time I got up, due to having been awake in the middle of the night, so instead of having to drag Rena to synagogue we got to stay home and have Shabbat lunch soon after we got up. ;)
2. The weather was lovely today, so Rena, hubby, and I hung out on our terrace outside for awhile. He and I discussed plans for our garden in pots that we want to plant around the terrace, and then I sat in one of our outdoor chairs and read the book Moving Up: an aliyah journal by Laura Ben David. As we will be making aliyah (moving to Israel) at some point in the (hopefully not too distant) future, this is a very enjoyable read for me. I also played with Rena with Greenball and a bunch of small sticks that she found.
3. The Jewish holiday Purim, which celebrates the saving of the Jews in Persia from the evil Haman as told in  Megillat (the Scroll of) Esther, started tonight and ends tomorrow night. I'm so glad that Purim is over the weekend this year so hubby can fully participate though he works full time during the week! :)
4. After the Megillah was read, there was a fun party that including music by the Od Yishama Orchestra. I got to dance with some kids while hubby took a turn with Rena. Rena and I both made new friends, and we stayed until the very end, when the orchestra stopped playing music.
5. One of our new friends invited us to a Rainbow Gathering. It's so cool that it's going to be in Washington state this year! I was surprised, but apparently there are indeed Orthodox Jews who attend these. I don't know yet if we're going (hubby doesn't know about it yet and I had some questions that I want answered) but it sounds so awesome! :)

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