Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss Project, Day 13 (from yesterday)

Apologies for being late with yesterday's list! I had quite a day yesterday, as you'll soon see:

1. I found my phone charger that I'd been missing so I could finally use my phone again! :)
2. I got our awesome walk-in closet organized again and put most of the clean clothes away in sensible spots.
3. Hubby got up in the middle of the night to help me set up our new printer, as he needed to have some personal documents printed that he couldn't print at work. He figured out the solution where I was having trouble.
4. Hubby helped me recover from the frustration due to not being able to figure it out by giving me some nice forehead rubs and back tickles to calm me down.
4. I got the printer all set up and working. I was able to print some things.

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