Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss Project, Day 12

1. I experienced my own Purim miracle today! In the afternoon, after this morning's festivities (about which I'll write momentarily), hubby sent me to buy a printer. I got an all-in-one machine, of course. I'm grateful that I didn't have to lug the heavy box with the machine all the way home held with my hands. What happened? I spotted a shopping cart from the grocery store parked outside in someone's driveway! Though I felt strange going onto a random person's driveway and taking something from there, it's not like I was taking their own personal property. Also this way they won't have to schlep the cart back to the store. They'll get another one there in any case! Anyway, I emphatically said "Thank G-d!" and walked up the driveway to get the cart. I pushed it to where I'd left the box, heaved the box into the cart, and went on my merry way with a huge smile on my face due both to relief at not having to carry the box anymore (it was on the verge of falling apart and killing my back at the same time) and to the realization that G-d was looking out for me!
2. My local in-laws took us to a Purim carnival for young kids. It was in a beautiful building in a gorgeous neighborhood, and to get there, we had to cross a bridge over a lake that was right above the water!
3. I got to nap in the car with Rena after that while my in-laws and hubby walked around a different lake because Rena had fallen asleep in her car seat on the way there and we didn't want to disturb her by transfering her to the stroller. My in-laws' two dogs, who had come along with us for the ride, kept us company and, thank G-d, did not disturb our sleep.
4. I put Rena in bed to nap more when we got home. She went back to sleep almost immediately so I was also able to nap in bed for a couple of hours.
5. I did not get distracted with email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs I read, or anything else before writing this post! And now I need to go on Facebook and Tumblr to share it, but that's all I'm going to do!

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