Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss Project, Day 4

Today's 5 yays:

1. The Chabad synagogue near us had an entertaining guest speaker from Israel today. I heard him speak at lunch after the morning service, and Rena was a good girl so I was able to listen to almost the entire thing.
2. I had a nice Shabbat nap! I fell asleep on the couch as Rena and hubby played nearby.
3. My husband- He reminded me that he, Rena, and G-d all love me.
4. My step-mother-in-law: She's a sort of gardening expert, and she's going to help me garden on the terrace that we have with our new apartment! I'm going to plant veggies and herbs on one side that's near the back door which is near the kitchen, and on the other side, where Rena will be able to see it from her bedroom window, I'm going to plant a butterfly garden.
5. Freshly washed clothes- they smell so good!

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