Monday, March 14, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss Project, Day 6

1. I looked into getting groceries delivered online today because I didn't feel like going out in the rain. By the time I got tired of looking for a service that could deliver today, it was lunchtime, and by the time Rena and I finished eating and were ready to go, the sun was shining and it was beautiful outside! :)
2. I saw pretty yellow flowers growing on our way home. Right when I saw them, I also saw a yellow traffic light and noted the matching colors.
3. Rena and Greenball, a green plastic or rubber ball filled with air that she loves to toss and kick. She's so cute when she plays with it!
4. My husband, who thoughtfully requested brown rice at the restaurant yesterday (see previous post) so they wouldn't automatically give us white rice.
5. Just a moment ago I noticed that I was writing this post in the wrong blog by mistake, because I wanted to link to the previous post. I'm grateful that I caught the mistake before publishing this post in the wrong blog!

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