Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 24- Friday

1. I'd messaged a friend on Facebook simply requesting a source for a statement she'd made on s message board. I thought I would get just a quick response with a link to an article or a book title or something, but in addition to a link to an article she took the time to write me a long message with advice on doing my own research.
2. I only had a quick grocery shopping trip because I'd done most of my Shabbat shopping already on Thursday.
3. I also didn't have to find any more recipes, which saved more time.
4. Good thing I had to go shopping again anyway because there were a few more items that I added to the list last minute.
5. Earlier this week I switched to purchasing all organic food (with the exception of fish, which I understand is better wild-caught). See this recent post in my food blog, Foodiscovery, if you want to know why. I could not find kosher organic meat in any of three stores in which I did my Shabbat shopping this week. I'd actually called two of them before deciding on recipes to find out if they had any, but they both said no. My husband had been looking forward to meat all weak, as I'd been serving a lot of fish, but I wasn't going to give in and get the usual non-organic kosher meat. There also wasn't enough time to order organic kosher meat online for Shabbat. I decided the only solution was to find a vegetarian recipe that would look and taste like it had meat in it. I made a vegetarian meatloaf and told my husband it was meatloaf. Thank G-d it turned out to be the best "meatloaf" ever! I still haven't told him it didn't actually have meat in it, and I don't know if I ever will. (He doesn't read my blogs unless he happens to pass by while I'm writing something, which is good because he majored in English.) This post is not cross posted in Foodiscovery because I'm going to write a separate post that will go into more detail.

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