Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 29- Wednesday

1. A famous health expert took the time to debate with me, via Facebook messages, about a controversial health topic.
2. I also posted this discussion on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Facebook page regarding the same topic, if you want to know details. I appreciate that someone working for the school replied immediately and politely.
3. I was also glad to find out that the school does not take up what is typically the holistic position regarding this topic but has a more balanced approach, and that it encourages open debate in its forums.
4. I once again had the floor picked up and vacuumed before hubby got home from work, which makes him happy.
5. I even had dinner ready already when he got home from work! Of course he loves when dinner is ready when he gets home; he's usually starving because he doesn't get home until after 7 usually!
6. Thank you, FlyLady, for introducing me to Anti-Procrastination Day, which I celebrated by doing the previous two items earlier in the day than usual. (#4 didn't always even get done at all if I waited until too late in the day.)
7. I had my Shabbat menu and most of my shopping list all ready to go before going to sleep so as not to have to hurry up and do it in the morning. (You'll see in my next post why I would have had to do it in the morning.)

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