Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 36- Wednesday

1. I finally wrote a nice to-do before Passover list so I can remember everything I have to do. Writing myself to-do lists helps me get stuff done on time, and it also helps reduce stress because I don't have to keep a gazillion things in my mind when everything is written down.
2. I went on a big grocery shopping trip today and bought all the food I'll need for the rest of the week, including for Shabbat, so I'll be able to finish up all my non-Passover cooking quickly and concentrate on that to-do list.
3. I was able to fit the really heavy stuff in the basket under Rena's stroller and everything else fit in the bags that I'd brought, so I was able to drag everything and Rena home in or on the stroller without risk of it tipping over.
4. Hubby had texted earlier to tell me he was going to be home late because he was going to help his father with something after work. Well, he got out of work early because he ran out of work to do (that's my hard-working hubby! :) ), and because his father drove him home when he was done helping and the car ride was short, he ended up coming home around the usual time! :)
5. Rena has been especially happy in the last couple of days and extra-prone to big smiles and giggles. :) Hey, her first name is Hebrew for joy and her middle name (in her English name) is Rainbow. :)
6. I called a new friend tonight because she said she had something she needed to tell me. After she told me, we had a nice long conversation about everything from the ways she practices Judaism to kittens she has for whom she's trying to find a home. (I did not agree yet to take them because I have to run it by hubby first, of course, and he was already asleep when I called.) She's the one who had invited us to the Rainbow Gathering to be held in July somewhere in Washington state.

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