Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 27- Monday

1. As I couldn't find any kosher organic cheese locally or available for purchase online and we were running low, I made some cheese myself. Yummy! :) More details will be posted later on Foodiscovery.
2. I finally posted on my new blog, The Road That Never Ends.
3. I got the floor all picked up and vacuumed before hubby got home! :)
4. I managed to clean up the kitchen throughout the day after using it so the mess after dinner wasn't so overwhelming.
5. Hubby loves making up random songs, and he sang me a song about how I'm so good to him or something like that. :)
6. I remembered to write my weekly post in my Environmental Tip of the Week blog before getting off the computer for the night.

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