Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 31- Friday

1. Hubby was home sick, so when I had to run out for some things with little time to spare before Shabbat, I didn't have to drag Rena out again. This saved precious time.
2. Though I was running very late, I managed to finish all the Shabbat cooking, even dessert, in time. (Observant Jews don't cook on Shabbat.)
3. Our couch is so comfy! :) I dozed on it Friday night until hubby woke me up to clean the kitchen.
4. I cleaned the kitchen for awhile though I was exhausted, but then hubby said just go to bed. This was despite the fact that it was my fault I was exhausted because I'd stayed up all night on the computer the night before.
5. I fell asleep in bed almost immediately.

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