Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gratitude to Bliss 30- Thursday

1. I had my Shabbat shopping list ready to go quickly. I had to add just a few items to the list that was already written.
2. Rena was happy when we entered the room at the Northeast Branch of the Seattle Public Library where toddler storytime is located.
3. We had a great time again! :) We made new friends, had a book read, and learned new songs.
4. Some songs are repeated every week. I was amused when, during "If you're happy and you know it," Rena smiled and stomped her feet at the corresponding line in the song.
5. After storytime, we found the children's section of the library. Wow, this is like the best library ever! In addition to shelves and shelves of books on a wide variety of subjects, there are comfy living-room-type chairs and beanbag chairs to sit in, and there's also a big toy of the type where there are big beads for the babies to move along a track.
6. We made new friends there, to, and Rena kept asking another mommy to pick her up.
7. I was able to get a library card, despite having a New York ID, because I remembered to bring a piece of mail proving I live in Seattle.
8. I found an interesting-looking book to check out just by briefly browsing the nonfiction section.

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